New Album: Black As Snow (04/2014)

The work is done - and I must admit that I am quite content. If I was asked to fit this album into musical categories, the terms Chill-Out, Trance, Acid, Industrial and Electro Pop spring to my mind.

Sometimes smooth, sometimes a little bit dark and sinister, the tracks visualize all sorts of fears and hopes concerning the future of humanity and the question whether the Technological Singularity will occur, and if so, what this would mean for the human species. Lots of inspiration was drawn from my studies of Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism, as well as of String Theory and Quantum Cosmology.

"Black As Snow" was professionally mastered by bbrain from the yellow_fridge (, using only Open Source software. I would like to express my gratitude to him for doing a great job!

Black As Snow (Cover)

FLAC and MP3 downloads will be online soon. The professionally manufactured CD is available for the price of EUR 10,-- via mail order. If you are interested, please drop me a line.

The A.C.E. retro.spective is out now (2013-10-31)

It all began in 1993...(God I'm getting old ;)).

To celebrate the 20th birthday of The A.C.E. project, a representative selection of electronic music from the last two decades of my creative work has been released: retro.spective. You can listen to the tracks online or you can download the whole bunch as a ZIP archive.

My Youtube Channel (2012-04-03)

In order to make my music accessible to a larger audience, I decided to create a channel on Youtube.

Please visit


Past Release (2011-12-23)

Still not sure if I like it or not. Well it's definilely something different. Lots of piano and voice, rather depressing, minimalistic - contemplative at best. Here I'm telling stories that I've been carrying with me for several years. Now and then the silence is interrupted by some synthetic dance track, the usual stuff. The album is called Thumbprint - for that's what it is. A very personal thumbprint. 


In case you are interested, you can download it as FLAC (recommended) or 192 kbps MP3.


Past Release (2010-12-01)

After almost two years of collecting ideas, tracking down quick sketches of what one day might become great tunes, tweaking the knobs - and confessing to myself that I would never find time to elaborate those ideas as I would like to - I feel it's time to release this stuff. So here you are - take or leave it if you please!

The Wilsons (& Friends) - Operation Mind Fuck

Despite the heterogeneity of the tracks on this album, I would consider it a concept album. The idea was to invite all of my multiple personalities to participate in creating a music compilation to reflect  the creativity and diversity of Lower Austria's (fictional) rural Psy Pop scene.

Download This (FLAC lossless)
Download This (MP3 190 kbps)

(Proceed to the "Downloads" page if you wish to download single mp3 files)

All tracks on this album have been composed, arranged and produced by Bert Klauninger
(c) 1998-2010 recordings - all rights reserved.
The tracks on this album may be distributed and used freely for non-commercial purposes
as long as the copyright of the material remains untouched.

Share and have fun!


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