Short FAQ

  • Q: "What is"
  • A: " is a platform to promote (or at least to keep track of) the works of electronic music project The A.C.E. and associated projects. The A.C.E. is around since 1993 and online since 1995."
  • Q: "Who is/are The A.C.E, ac.tek, The Wilsons, The Nevyn Project...?"
  • A: "During the past 19 years of my electronic music production carreer, I have utilized several pseudonyms. Sometimes friends have contributed to my productions, but most of the time I've done it all alone. Solum ipse..."
  • Q: "Is your music commercially available?"
  • A: "Some of my work is available for download on this site for free. The main reason for producing this music is that I am enjoying it - or, more exactly,  that I feel 'I have to let it out' (sometimes enjoyable, more often quite a painful ct). So I don't intend to make any profit with it. If someone out there likes my stuff, I am glad. If not - so what? I would have done it anyway. If you are interested in particular releases that are not available for download, just drop me a line."
  • Q: "So what can I do with your music?"
  • A: "Share and distribute it, as long as no fees are charged for it and as long as the copyright holder remains intact. Spin it, remix it, use it for any non-commercial purpose. Free music for free people! Just include "(c) Bert Klauninger" and "" if you distribute my stuff. If you intend to use my music for commercial purposes, please contact me beforehand."
  • Q: " ... Hmmm... Is this music drug related?"
  • A: "Hell no! Truth is: drugs are bad."
  • Q: "What equipment are you using?"
  • A: "I started with a MOD Tracker on a PC in 1992 Then, in 1994, came the Sound Blaster AWE/32... bla bla bla... boring. My oldest mate is my Yamaha CS1x which I bought in 1997. I've been using Korg M1, Waldorf MicroQ, Roland MC-303 and several other pieces of hardware before I almost completely virtualized my studio back in 2004. So today I'm a heavy user of VST instruments. My master keyboard is a Yamaha CS6x. For programming,  I utilize a small master keyboard, the Arturia Analog Experience. For acoustic recordings, I use a Beringer small membrane microphone. Furthermore, I'm guilty of stealing various samples from numerous sources."
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