<b>[1995] At War</b>
Release Date: 1995, Type: 90min MC

At War was created using just a Sound Blaster AWE-32 (CakeWalk Apprentice as sequencer) and a Yamaha PSR-600 as master keyboard. Most of the tracks are raw and unsophisticated, the style is somewhere between
<b>[1996] Shades Of Gray</b>
Release date: 1996. Type: 90min MC

Shades was never completely finished. The track listing differs from copy to copy.
<b>[1997] Images</b>
Release date: 03/1997. Type: 90min MC

Images has been my third album. It tries to break the boundaries between Rock, Ballad, Breakbeat, Ambient and Trance... whatever. About 90 minutes of music, it took me about one year to finish. Every piec
<b>[1998] Continuum</b>
Release date: 01/1998. Type: Long Play CD

Burnt earth. Standing upon a pile of ashes and dust in the midst of some long left factory ruin, fighting the final supersonic guerilla. Trying to drag the rave-o-lution on. Hard acid rain is falling
<b>[1998] Hyperborea - An Acid Symphony</b>
Release date: 06/1998. Type: Single

Lots of 303 classic acid sounds. Too much mythology to explain!
<b>[1998] The Continuum Hypothesis</b>
Release date: 04/1998. Type: Single

This record emerged from a Hollenthon session with my friend Martin Mollay. It is an ambient retrospective of the "Continuum" album, lots of didgeridoo, environment noise, me using a cooking pan a
<b>[2000] Synthesis</b>
Release date: 11/2000. Type: Long Play CD

I have been asking myself: "How far can you push it?" Playing 303 sounds through a Marshall Guitar Amplifier. Using Vocoders to its extremes. Slowing down the beat - the average is about 120
<b>[2000] The Gate</b>
Release date: 03/2000. Type: Long Play CD

This album took me about two years to finish. Not because it was to be such a sophisticated masterpiece. Nor because of the large number of tracks. There are only 9 tracks - and most of them are just
<b>[2001] Wittgenstein</b>
Release Date: 12/24/2001, Type: Long Play CD

This album is called Wittgenstein or Morphological echoes of a summer rain back in 1992 unraveling questions of necessity and random and leading to a trip to nowhere through deep snow and cold
<b>[2005] Pink Noise</b>
Release Date: 06/13/2005, Type: Long Play CD

After several years of apparent inactivity, the A.C.E. is ready to release another album. The style is somewhere between Psychedelic Trance, Chill Out and Intelligent (to stress some of the music i
<b>[2005] trip.tychon / Exit Goa</b>
Release Date: 10/15/2005, Type: MP3 Single

This is an MP3 only release consisting of three parts (experience; blue danube reflections; losing the path). It is a very personal piece of music and was meant to become my last Psytrance track - he
<b>[2008] The Nevyn Project - And If I Wake Before I Die</b>
Release Date: 04/01/2008, Type: Album

Psytrance, Goa, Electro-Pop
<b>[2010] The Wilsons - Operation Mind Fuck</b>
Release Date: 12/01/2010, Type: Album

This is a Psy Pop album. The idea was to invite all of my multiple personalities to participate in creating a music compilation to reflect  the creativity and diversity of Lower Austria's (fictio
<b>[2011] Thumbprint</b>
Release Date: 12/23/2011, Type: Album

Again a very personal diary-type album. Very minimalistic, lots of piano and voice.
<b>[2013] retro.spective</b>
Release Date: 10/31/2013, Type: MP3 Collection

This selection contains 30 tracks that I have produced during the last 20 years. You are welcome to listen online or to download the whole thing.
<b>[2014] Black As Snow</b>
Release Date: 2014/05/01, Type: Album

Chill-Out, Trance, Acid, Industrial, Electro Pop. Sometimes smooth, sometimes a little bit dark and sinister, the tracks visualize all sorts of fears and hopes concerning the future of
<b>[2015] ac.tek - 1</b>
Release Date: 12/24/2015, Type: Single

Rather a mix than one coherent piece of music. It starts in a Chill-Out/Ambient mood, takes a long and winding road from Trance to Tekno, Acid, Techno Pop, to Blues, back to Tekno, an
<b>[2016] ac.tek - one</b>
Release Date: 11/11/2016, Type: Album

This album consists of 6 Tekno tracks ands form a counterpart to the more sophisticated A.C.E. releases. In their chronological order, these tracks tell about one year in my life, probably the mo
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